Chinchilla re-homing and forums.

We run a small self funded rescue and rehoming service for chins in the West Yorkshire area . I had loved chins for years and finally in 1997 my husband bought me a chin from a pet shop ( not the best place as we went on to learn) We do not receive any funding and have to do all our own fund raising which we do by selling items suitable for chins and all the profits go towards our vets bills , cages, toys , food etc

Over the years we began to realise just how many chins there were who were neglected or whose owners simply could not look after them anymore due to various reasons . Then in 2004 we were asked to take 19 chins that were living in terrible conditions ( which we did along with a friend Donna at chins4life) and it has continued from there . We have taken on average approx 150/200 chins a year since then

We normally have chinchillas of all ages that are ready for re-homing. However please bear in mind chins are exotic animals and you do need to learn about their needs before considering one .if you feel you could offer a loving home please contact us and we'll be in touch.

Chinchillas for re-home.

We do not always have time to update pictures so please get in touch ; or you would be made welcome on the forum , just click on the link at the top of the page